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Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

Unsightly stumps impact the beauty and restrict the full use of your property. Let’s be honest, a tree stump in the middle of your yard is not aesthetically pleasing. If you plan to landscape, stump removal is recommended. Jeff’s Professional Tree Service experts are all certified arborists, so you can rest easy that the tree stump removal will be done properly the first time! There are many reasons to get obstructive tree stumps removed, let our experienced removal experts grind them out.

Stumps can cause new trees to sprout and be an annoyance to mow around. Not to mention the insects that decaying wood attracts that can spread into your home. Let Jeff’s Professional Tree Service ease your worries when it comes to maximizing the look and practicality of your property.  Contact us to remove and grind out stumps so you can replant and restore your landscape to its full potential!

Jeff's Professional Tree Services removing a tree stump in Minnesota