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When there are weak branches on your tree, or the canopy has become overgrown, have a local experienced tree trimming service take a look!

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Tree Trimming for Minneapolis & The Twin Cities

Tree trimming is often done for a tree’s health. Old or broken branches are trimmed away. Trees are also trimmed to keep the canopy to a manageable size. Taking off the ends of overgrown branches will help the tree to continue to branch and grow. The overall health of a tree depends upon consistent tree trimming every few years.

Trimming trees is a scientific art form. You must incorporate the actual places the tree would benefit most from being trimmed, which is the science part. Trimming away the flaws and weaker areas of the wood is the best strategy to follow. Tree biology can be tricky, and incorrect trimming can damage the tree.

Always seek out an experienced professional tree trimmer to help with this task.

You will also have to consider the space and area the tree is growing in. So it can be trimmed to look the best in that area and space. Cutting off the weaker, or dead tips of a branch will make the tree look better. It will also stimulate new growth below the trimmed area.

Pruning the branches so they look good in the area and space, plus leaving room for additional growth is ideal. Trees can be pruned to force them to grow in a particular direction and way. This is why tree services that have years of experience are your best tree trimming option.

When you need a healthier tree, and want to extend its lifespan, contact one of our experienced tree trimming experts.

Properly trimmed trees will have lush and beautiful growth, show increased pest and disease resistance, plus will hold up better during tropical storms and high winds.

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How do I know if my tree needs trimming?

These signs can indicate when it is time for a professional tree trimming service:
Is the tree too close to power lines?
Are any of the branches touching or very close to the house?
Does the tree have dead, loose, or branches that are hanging down?
Has it been longer than 3 years since the tree has been trimmed?
How can I get my tree to look better in the space it was intended for?
Do Evergreen trees need trimming like a shade tree does?

Evergreen and shade trees may both need trimming. Always talk with a professional that has experience with tree trimming in your. Get one of our local tree trimming specialists to provide you with the facts about tree trimming for your specific tree.

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