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Does your tree need either pruning, trimming, or removal. If you’re not sure, then ask a tree expert which service your tree requires.

Tree Removal

Shade trees, and evergreen trees all age and die. Sometimes disease or damage causes them to die or need removal. Don’t leave unsightly dead trees in the yard to attract pests and rodents causing more damage.

Tree Trimming

When trees grow outside their bounds, begin to scrape and damage structures, or need to be trained to grow a particular way, it is time for a tree trimming professional. If you are not sure what your trees need, get more information now so you can make an informed decision.

Tree Pruning

Are there broken branches that need to be pruned off of your trees? Did a storm cause damage and leave limbs hanging? This can cause disease and pests to invade the tree that will result in additional damage.

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Tree Services for the Minneapolis MN.  area are always needed, because of the high winds and storms that this area gets. These high winds and storms can easily damage limbs, branches and break down trees. These broken branches will have to be pruned and removed.

Lightning strikes trees in our area often, and this typically kills the tree. Trees that have been hit by lightning do not live very long, and almost always need to be removed. Having a local tree expert that will inspect your trees after the dangerous storms, provides you with a damage assessment. This way you can make an informed decision on whether you need to have a tree removed or just pruned.

Tree trimming is a cost effective way to prevent storm damage by broken branches and downed trees. Trees can have their weaker and heavier wood trimmed away, which are the parts that usually break and damage nearby structures. Checking and trimming trees before the storm season can prevent costly damage later.

The health of a tree can depend upon how often it is trimmed, because a trimmed tree will grow back thicker and fuller. Trees may need trimming because they have too much growth and need more air and sunlight. There are lots of reasons a tree needs to be trimmed or pruned. Different trees have different needs, so it requires a tree professional inspecting each tree to make recommendations.

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Tree Cutting, Removal, and Pruning

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